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18.5 x 11.5 cm (7.3 x 4.5 inch)

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At the end of the Middle Ages the art of printing was invented and Books of Hours were printed as well. But for a very short period the printers looked back to the scribes ! They printed on vellum, but still drew the lines between which the text was to be " written "!
One of the best known printers was Gilles Hardouin, who had his workshop in Paris near the Notre Dame. This leaf was printed by him; it is part of the calendar that was at the beginning of each Book of Hours; the recto has the month of December. On the verso we find : Initium sancti evangelii : Secundum Johannem. Gloria tibi domine. [ The beginning of the holy gospel. According to John. Glory to you, Lord.
The verso has a picture of a little knownstory : St. John boiled in a pot of oil.
St. John, the Evangelist, boiled in oil.
Immediately after the calender in a Book of Hours, the reading of the Gospels began. Very often a portrait of the author is given there, but sometimes a scene from his life is depicted. Here is the story of John tortured by Emperor Domitian, an experience the evangelist survives.
The scene is done in bright colors, the flames and sparkles are very vivid!

The paint in the borders has been rubbed off, but the picture itself is in very good condition.


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Book of hours leaf
Book of hours leaf
Book of hours leaf
Book of hours leaf

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